JUNE 3 - AUGUST 7, 2019


Mini Musical Theatre (45 min/wk) = $35.00/month
Junior Musical Theatre (45 min/wk) = $35.00/month

Turbo Kick (45 min/session)
Ballet with Olivia (60 min/wk)
Tap with Dawn (45 min/wk)

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I understand it is my responsibility to inform the instructor of any restrictions I have. (i.e., knee, back, blood pressure, asthma, etc., medication I am taking, or if I am under a doctor’s care.) I understand that tuition is due on or before the 10th of each month, after which a late fee of $15.00 will be assessed PER CLASS. If tuition is unpaid by the 14th, I (my child) will be suspended from class until fees are brought up-to-date. Tuition is to be paid regardless of weather cancellations, sick days, or holidays. TUITION IS NON- REFUNDABLE. I understand that if I withdraw from a registered class before the end of the semester, I am still responsible for tuition for the remaining classes. Example: If I withdraw from a class in June, I understand that I still owe tuition for July (the remainder of my contracted registration). In consideration of the services to be provided hereunder, I agree on behalf of myself, my child (the student if applicable) jointly and severally, and our heirs, representatives, executors, successors and assigns, to save and hold Triple Threat Performing Arts Academy (“Company”), harmless from and against any and all costs, losses, liabilities, obligations, damages, lawsuits, deficiencies, claims, demands, and expenses, and to forever release and discharge the Company from any and all claims, causes of action of any type, whether matured or unmatured, absolute or conditional, known or unknown, in the past, present or future, in any way arising out of, or related to the relationship between the Company, myself, or my child (the student if applicable). I understand and agree that Triple Threat Performing Arts Academy may use images of me (my child) on the website, social media, print and program ads.