Renee Gonzales Voice & Beginning Piano Studio


30 MINUTE PRIVATE VOICe or beginning piano LESSON


  • I require a "semester" commitment to join my studio.  You will commit to one voice lesson per week, and will be assigned a regular day/time.
  • Monthly payment is due at the first lesson of every month.  Example:  If there are 4 lessons in July, $100 is due at the first lesson in July.
  • I require a two week notice should you cancel your lesson commitments for any reason.
  • We will work on strengthening vocal technique and developing healthy and consistent singing.  We will work toward your individual goals, which may include:  audition material selection and preparation, repertoire selection and preparation, developing a healthy & strong belt, increasing music theory knowledge, strengthening technique (increasing range, singing longer and smoother phrases, finding ideal placement and resonance), microphone technique, and strengthening all aspects of the overall performance (acting, connecting to the text, physicality and staging).  Piano lessons will include beginning level piano instruction including reading music, music theory, warm-up techniques and scales, proper technique, etc.

June 4 - August 3, 2018


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I understand that payment is due for the entire month at the first lesson of every month. **I understand that I will not have a lesson if payment has not been received.** I understand that if I cancel my lesson less than 24 hours prior to my lesson time, payment is still due for that lesson. I also understand that if I cancel my lesson less than 24 hours before my lesson time, the lesson will not be made up. I understand that I (my child) am committed to voice lessons for an entire 2018 Summer Session (June 4 - August 3, 2018). If I wish to cease lessons at any time, I must give at least 2 weeks notice. In consideration of the services to be provided hereunder, I agree on behalf of myself, my child (the student if applicable) jointly and severally, and our heirs, representatives, executors, successors and assigns, to save and hold Triple Threat Performing Arts Academy (“Company”), harmless from and against any and all costs, losses, liabilities, obligations, damages, lawsuits, deficiencies, claims, demands, and expenses, and to forever release and discharge the Company from any and all claims, causes of action of any type, whether matured or unmatured, absolute or conditional, known or unknown, in the past, present or future, in any way arising out of, or related to the relationship between the Company, myself, or my child (the student if applicable). I understand and agree that Triple Threat Performing Arts Academy may use images of me (my child) on the web site, social media, print and program ads.




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